A 2019 study by the Pew Research Center revealed that most Catholics do not believe in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Instead, many believe that the bread and wine of Holy Communion are only symbols of Christ’s body and blood.

Is this the result of a misunderstanding, or a rejection of one of the foundational tenets of the Catholic faith?

You are invited to join Dr. Timothy O’Malley and Fr. Stephan Isaac over the next five weeks for a guided study, as they unpack the content of O’Malley’s book and explore the meaning of the Real Presence.  Join us here each Wednesday beginning September 15th as we share part of this series with a video interview with Dr. O’Malley and questions for reflection.

How to Get the Most Out of the Real Presence Book Study:

  1. Order your book. You can purchase the book online from Ava Maria Press or grab a Kindle copy of Dr. O’Malley’s book. Each week of the study focuses on the five chapters of the book, so plan to read the appropriate chapter before you meet with your group for each video and discussion session.
  1. Gather at home or in your parish with a group of friends. Plan to spend about two hours for each gathering – enough time view the video content for the week, share a meal, and engage in conversation using the discussion guide. Decide when you’ll meet and how often – weekly, biweekly, or once per month – to host the five sessions.
  1. Share a meal and fellowship. Plan to host your sessions around a meal to foster fellowship and community among the members of your group.
  1. View the video content. Each chapter of the book is accompanied by a 20-minute video featuring Dr. Timothy O’Malley and Fr. Stephan Isaac. These videos can be found below and viewed on any device. View the video for the week as a group as Dr. O’Malley and Fr. Isaac unpack key details from the reading.
  1. Share in discussion. Use the discussion guide to discuss the reading for the week.

It is our hope that this book study will help all of its participants to grow in understanding and reverence for the Real Presence of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Additionally, we hope that this book study will help you to grow in spiritual fellowship with your group members and set the foundation for strong friendships in Christ.

Please find below links to the video content for the YRP Book Study with Fr. Stephan Isaac and Dr. Tim O’Malley.